One last Summer Plaid

Sorry for going MIA, homework is kicking my you know what.

Since school started back up I’ve been very inspired by the 90’s classic, Clueless. There’s not a lot of movies I can watch over and over but that is for sure one of them. It’s also probably one of the most quoted movies of all time right up there next to Mean Girls. So still wringing out the last of my summer days I decided on this pink plaid skirt. I love the flirty and girly aspect of it. Every time I wear it I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Speaking of warm and fuzzy, I paired it with a fuzzy pink cropped sweater top from PacSun which I absolutely adore. Seriously I’ve worn this sweater so many times since I bought it. Plus, right now PacSun has their BOGO sale, so who knows you could even pick up both the pink and white color they have available. Unfortunately, the skirt is currently unavailable but here is a similar inexpensive option. I will be back on track with posting frequently (I have terrible time management.)


Pink Plaid Tennis skirt


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