The Best Cookie Recipes EVER

I know, I know. This title is well over-the-top but for real these cookies are all simply FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

‘Tis the season of gaining 20 pounds from all the baking I’ll be doing. As much as I love fall and winter, it’s quite carb packed but thank you oversized sweaters for coming to the rescue. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe and just cookie recipes in general. I love how lightweight a cookie feels instead of the heavy cupcake aftermath feeling. I have tested probably every chocolate chip recipe on Pinterest (you’re welcome in advance) so you don’t have to! This year, since I have my boyfriend of 10 months as of last Friday (EEEEP we will get to that in another post) I have had to adjust my baking since he doesn’t like milk chocolate and ONLY likes white chocolate. So I’ve compiled all different sorts of cookies, one for every kind of cookie lover! 

White Chocolate Cranberry/Cherry Pistachio cookies 

I found these bad boys to be dangerously yummy. I opted to skip the cherry and just stick to cranberries, white chocolate chips, and pistachios. Everyone loved these cookies, I took them to a barbecue and had none left over! Something about salty and sweet people go nuts over.


I have made these three times in the past week and they just keep disappearing off the plate. These are the yummiest, most perfect cookies, and they look pretty too. It’s a win-win. I added in pretzels and peanut butter chips in this last batch and can I just say, try it. Seriously. But then again I really REALLY like pretzels. 

White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Pudding Cookies

The title itself is a mouth full. But these cookies. You guys, these cookies are amazing. I have to admit, I never would have looked up this kind of recipe if I didn’t listen to Jacob over time ramble about how much he loves white chocolate chips, cinnamon and pudding. So I figured why not look it up and see if someone has done it. I was in luck. And I wasn’t disappointed. Pudding in cookies? Who would have thought? You won’t regret making these. I promise you.

Andes Mint cookies

And here we are, a mint chocolate chip cookie. I personally obsess over mint anything. I wish I could burn candles with the smell of Andes mints. So you already know this was the chart-topper for me. All I have to say is. Phenomenal. These cookies were phenomenal. 

Hopefully, this will make your endless Pinterest searches for the perfect cookies for your holiday parties (or a late night snack) a little easier. And a special thank you to the magnificent cookie recipe creators, the world is a better place with you all in it.

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