California and other Shenanigans

Boy oh boy was this a week. I have been going non stop with midterms and a sinus infection. Seriously don’t recommend studying when you’re sick, guaranteed nothing will get done. Somehow I got through them and was rewarded with a trip to California with my honey. Luckily I felt better by California and Jacob and I had a blast venturing to his favorite spot… SIX FLAGS! Although I’m more of a Disneyland kinda gal, six flags was uber fun and the Halloween fest was fantastic. We went on Sunday and loved every minute of it and although my feet were killing me at the end of the day, we had the best time. Highly recommend the fright fest, it was terrifying all these scaries jump out and follow you around. And also at six flags, I found a new love for Harley Quinn. Because well she’s, excuse my language, a bad ass. So you know immediately when we got home I threw on my jammies and we watched suicide squad. Then on Monday we played around LA and visited the cutest hello kitty cafe at Irvine Spectrum Center. We had to ride the Ferris wheel there, which got me insanely excited to go to the state fair at home (foreshadowing a blog post at its finest🙈.) And we ended the day at a nice dinner with my grandparents down in San Clemente. The sunset was phenomenal, there’s nothing better than dinner on the beach. We had such an amazing time even though the drive home is a killer six hours. Any time with my honey is time well spent. Hope you all had the greatest week! In the meantime, what’s your happy place?


Before we get to pictures, here’s what I’m wearing…

Stripe Top

Plaid Shirt (that’s probably ten years old, I’m sorry) here’s something similar


Denim Jacket

IMG_6173 (18)
Six Flags for Halloween AKA best decorations ever


IMG_6166 (11) - Copy
I’m really too much

IMG_6164 (10)IMG_6152 (2)

Glow in the Dark Groot
“Excuse me, Mr. Scary-man-sir, you kinda look like a blow in the dark Groot from guardians of the galaxy… Can pretty please take a picture?”
Hello Kitty Cafe Lemonade
Must try strawberry mint lemonade in the cutest cup ever
Dinner with my Puddin’ 😉

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