State Fairs and Stuffed Bears

Kettle corn: check
Cotton candy: check
The determination to win a stuffed bear: check
Now that is a proper state fair checklist. Earlier this weekend, my sweet boyfriend and I found ourselves at the Arizona State fair. I’ve always loved the environments of carnivals and fairs because I love all the colors and lights. It’s so bright and colorful you can’t not have fun at the state fair. It’s physically impossible. Now, It was only fitting that when we got to the fair, Jacob was on a mission to win me the biggest prize there. And well, I mean he tried. I tried to convince him to stop at target after the fair and just get me a bear there (It’s totally cheating I’m sorry.) he refused and well 40$ later, I was the proud owner of a 2 inch fish stuffed animal named Nemo. Hey it’s the effort okay. I love the stupid thing, it’s a good memory I’ll treasure forever. It was a great time. Even just walking around the fair, seeing all the action is fun. Its a perfect date idea. And was a nice break from all the homework I’ve been swamped with lately. Anyone else a total procrastinator? Because I have a paper I’ve been putting off for-well-ever. Anyways, the dress I’m wearing is from the cutest Australian boutique ever, Showpo! My debit card is in a lot of trouble every time they get new arrivals. My denim jacket is, you guessed it the same one from forever 21 I’ve been obsessed with for awhile now. The purse was a gift from Jacob awhile back, it’s a soft pink with snake skin accents, which I love. I couldn’t find the pink bag but I found it in lilac online on sale. To tie the whole thing together, I paired the bag with my snake skin Miller sandals from Tory Burch! Hope you all are having a great week! Xoxo42770D9B-B1DC-4AF8-8DE6-AD83C717D2C3351FB0FD-01DE-493A-B508-E0CDEFD171B3C2075C5F-D9F8-4A82-8013-737982E98C53

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