Halloween Fun

Wow I love this holiday. Everything about it. I love it. I wish we had a whole month of Halloween and costumes and candy. I love the atmosphere of it all. I miss trick or treating until my toes bled in my shoes when I was little. I remember my dad would always take my trick or treating and carry my over flow candy that didn’t fit in the one I was holding. Such fond memories. You just can’t hate Halloween. Even handing out candy is fun, I love seeing all the little Elsa’s and Anna’s. These upcoming months are the best. We just had Halloween in October. Thanksgiving in November. (Oh and my birthday November 4th.) Then Christmas and New Years. So much in so little time. I can’t wait for all of it. Unfortunately I didn’t hand out candy since I’m in my apartment but Jacob and I raided the candy section at Safeway and I gave into my guilty pleasure… Jolly Ranchers. Specifically the grapes ones (I know you’re going to say no one likes grape flavor but for some strange reason its my favorite.) We stayed in and binge watched all the Halloween Town Movies. For Halloween weekend though, Jacob and I went as Candyland. What’s more fitting then a candy costume for a candy holiday? I wish I could take credit for the idea but we were inspired by Amanda over at Fashion Frees the Soul. This has been my favorite costume yet!

Costume Details

Crop top: Once the crop top arrived, I used a photo iron on sheet and printed the Candyland logo onto it. After scavenging, ruthlessly through the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby, I found some foam candy stickers and bling and glued them onto the top.

Skirt: For the skirt, I took a generic skater skirt from forever 21 and painted the Candyland “board” onto it and used the same stickers from the skirt. And to top the whole outfit off, I purchased a fabric glitter spray and dosed the whole ensemble in it. I found candy kids bracelets at Walmart to accessorize and the candy wands Jacob and I are holding were an up-cycled find from Goodwill.

Overall, it was an easy and creative costume and I was very happy with the outcome of it. (I’ll also take any excuse I can to see Jacob in a bow tie so SCORE!)

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween. What’s your favorite candy?


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