October Halloween Activity Round Up

October is by far the best month of the year. I will forever defend that. There’s just SO MUCH to do. There’s pumpkin patches, haunted houses and beautiful weather. And you can enjoy all these things while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. Like are you kidding me? What more could you want? In honor of the season, I have compiled a list of things you NEED to do to make the most of your fall experience this year.


Make Pumpkin Everything. 

Baking muffins? Put pumpkin in it. Roasting Veggies? Make pumpkin fries. Making pasta? Try pumpkin sauce instead of tomato. You get the idea.

  1. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these Pumpkin Muffins.
  2. Try out Pumpkin Fries
  3. Stuff your face with these Pumpkin Ginger Donuts.
  4. Indulge in this Pumpkin Sauce.

Take a Walk.

Enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise. Bonus, take the dog too.

Go to a Haunted House

I don’t know about you but, I literally love anything haunted. Nothing gets me more in the mood for Halloween then being scared to the point of literal tears. I had the privilege of going to Knott’s Scary Farm in California and went to a local haunted house as well. They were both great! Get some friends together tonight and if you have no Halloween plans, check out a local haunted house!


Explore Pumpkin patches

As convenient as getting your pumpkin at the grocery store is, don’t deprive yourself of the simple joys in life. Pumpkin Patches. You can only go once a year and you will 100 percent be smitten by the aura of it all. There’s just something so special about hand picking a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Oh, and don’t deprive yourself of taking cheesy photos while you’re there.

Locate a Patch near you using this Pumpkin Patch GPS.


Carve Pumpkins

This had to be on the list right? The most obvious October activity you could possibly do, and that makes it a must. If you really want to [Pumpkin] spice it up, instead of a typical candle inside it on Halloween night try a colored one. Maybe pink? Blue? or Green? Keep it interesting. Plus, after carving those pumpkins, don’t throw out the seeds, roast them for a midnight munchie later.

The best fall snack EVER.

Bundle up and watch Halloween Movies

13 days of Halloween is no joke. Hocus Pocus and Edward Scissor-hands. Don’t deprive yourself of a movie night full of popcorn and Halloween classics. My guilty pleasure is the Halloween Town trio.

Dress the Part

Fall is all about layers, scarves, sweaters, boots, jeans, hats, etc. There’s so many possibilities. Rustic oranges, olive tones, plaid, leopard print, burgundy… My favorite outfit of October was a simple black denim skirt, striped top and denim jacket.



Decorate your house

This is probably my favorite activity of them all. Once the decorations are out and I’m surrounded by them, I am immediately flooded with all sorts of warm, fuzzies. Decorating on a budget? Check out the dollar store, they have all sorts of goodies. Get  yourself some decorative pumpkins, light up those apple candles and take it all in.

Get in the spirit and have fun with it.


Head to a cabin

Bundle up, grab some friends and head up to a cabin. There’s nothing like the rustic atmosphere, a good laugh and a break from life to help you enjoy the season.

Hope you had the spookiest October!

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