October Halloween Activity Round Up

October is by far the best month of the year. I will forever defend that. There’s just SO MUCH to do. There’s pumpkin patches, haunted houses and beautiful weather. And you can enjoy all these things while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. Like are you kidding me? What more could you want? In honor of the season, I have compiled a list of things you NEED to do to make the most of your fall experience this year.


Make Pumpkin Everything. 

Baking muffins? Put pumpkin in it. Roasting Veggies? Make pumpkin fries. Making pasta? Try pumpkin sauce instead of tomato. You get the idea.

  1. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these Pumpkin Muffins.
  2. Try out Pumpkin Fries
  3. Stuff your face with these Pumpkin Ginger Donuts.
  4. Indulge in this Pumpkin Sauce.

Take a Walk.

Enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise. Bonus, take the dog too.

Go to a Haunted House

I don’t know about you but, I literally love anything haunted. Nothing gets me more in the mood for Halloween then being scared to the point of literal tears. I had the privilege of going to Knott’s Scary Farm in California and went to a local haunted house as well. They were both great! Get some friends together tonight and if you have no Halloween plans, check out a local haunted house!


Explore Pumpkin patches

As convenient as getting your pumpkin at the grocery store is, don’t deprive yourself of the simple joys in life. Pumpkin Patches. You can only go once a year and you will 100 percent be smitten by the aura of it all. There’s just something so special about hand picking a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Oh, and don’t deprive yourself of taking cheesy photos while you’re there.

Locate a Patch near you using this Pumpkin Patch GPS.


Carve Pumpkins

This had to be on the list right? The most obvious October activity you could possibly do, and that makes it a must. If you really want to [Pumpkin] spice it up, instead of a typical candle inside it on Halloween night try a colored one. Maybe pink? Blue? or Green? Keep it interesting. Plus, after carving those pumpkins, don’t throw out the seeds, roast them for a midnight munchie later.

The best fall snack EVER.

Bundle up and watch Halloween Movies

13 days of Halloween is no joke. Hocus Pocus and Edward Scissor-hands. Don’t deprive yourself of a movie night full of popcorn and Halloween classics. My guilty pleasure is the Halloween Town trio.

Dress the Part

Fall is all about layers, scarves, sweaters, boots, jeans, hats, etc. There’s so many possibilities. Rustic oranges, olive tones, plaid, leopard print, burgundy… My favorite outfit of October was a simple black denim skirt, striped top and denim jacket.



Decorate your house

This is probably my favorite activity of them all. Once the decorations are out and I’m surrounded by them, I am immediately flooded with all sorts of warm, fuzzies. Decorating on a budget? Check out the dollar store, they have all sorts of goodies. Get  yourself some decorative pumpkins, light up those apple candles and take it all in.

Get in the spirit and have fun with it.


Head to a cabin

Bundle up, grab some friends and head up to a cabin. There’s nothing like the rustic atmosphere, a good laugh and a break from life to help you enjoy the season.

Hope you had the spookiest October!

Winter Cozies Round Up

Not only do the holidays mean stuffing your face with sweets and sugar cookies, It also means lounging around all day. I love any excuse to just bundle up and lay by the fire with a book or a Netflix binge. There’s no other way to do that than in my favorite fuzzy slippers and pajamas. Now I think we can all agree that the best pajamas are also socially acceptable to wear out-and-about to run errands. Here’s my round up of the best pajamas that can double as your OOTD. 😉

WILDFOX North Pole Sweatshirt


Calvin Klein Logo Joggers


Cozy Marled Side-Zip Sweatshirt


Marled Super Soft Jogger Pants


Knit Leggings


Chenille Funnel Neck Sweater



Hacci Knit Joggers



Moto Leggings



Sleigh All Day Sweatshirt


Classic Mini UGG


UGG Wrin Rib-Knit & Genuine Shearling Slipper


Butter Slipper Sock

(3 for $19)


Velour Jogger



Angel Sweater


Chenille Off-The-Shoulder Sweater


Black Friday Shopping SCORES

After a long grueling day of cooking and a full belly the last thing I want to do is go run around the mall! Why leave the comfort of my cozy bed and brace the crowds. I feel like the deals start so early now, sooner or later Black Friday will start the Friday before Thanksgiving. No complaining from me if that were to happen. Anyways, I’ve been all about online shopping this year. No lines, um yes please! I know online shopping can be stressful. So here’s a list of my Black Friday picks! Happy Shopping! 🙈
Kendra Scott Opal Necklace (The whole store is 20% off, goodbye money, hello empty wallet)

Pumpkin Pie with my Pumpkin

This week was absolutely nuts! I celebrated my one year anniversary with Jacob and the next day we were indulging in an abundance of mashed potatoes and turkey! What’s your favorite thanksgiving food? My guilty pleasure is all the pumpkin pie! I made a beautiful leaf crust for the apple pie and simply yum. Who doesn’t love a holiday designated to food? I wanted to be comfy and warm so I chose my favorite ripped black jeans. Seriously these jeans are amazing, and for Black Friday they are currently half off. 🙈 I love how versatile ripped black jeans are. You can dress them up with ankle booties or down with some Adidas superstars! I paired mine with my favorite BP booties, they are amazingly comfy and wow I love these shoes. They aren’t available anymore so here’s something similar! For the sweater I went with something I bought from Mura Boutique a while ago. There’s something about Australian boutiques that I can’t get enough of! Below is a list of my favorites, do yourself a favor and check them out, you’ll love absolutely everything. I love getting sundresses from them in the summer! And they have the coziest winter sweaters! Mine is no longer available but here’s one i’m currently eyeing! Now that thanksgiving is over, I’m spending all of today in my bed doing a little Black Friday shopping. Hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving and that everyone was spoiled with pie and turkey!



My new Favorite Jeans


Ankle Boots you’ll kick yourself for not buying


Cozy Sweater You need


Some of my Favorite Australian Boutiques you NEED to check out:

Mura Boutique


Showpo (Everything is 20% off for Black Friday, your welcome)




Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I had such a fabulous day yesterday! I️ mean, I️ feel like it’s always a good day when you spend it shopping and eating cake. Speaking of cake, I made my own birthday cake (I know what you’re thinking “that’s so sad you made your own birthday cake.”) BUT hear me out, I️ love baking so much and since I bake all my friends cakes, of course I had to bake mine so it would be PERFECT. I wanted the cake to channel magical, unicorn, rainbow, glitter; you know, everything a 5-year-old girl loves because I’m clearly not 19. I think it turned out fantastic and I’ve very happy with the result. I was lucky enough that my sweet Jacob threw me a surprise birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant, Chili’s. Seriously, if you’ve never been to Chili’s just do yourself a favor and go, your belly will thank you.  I had such a great time with my friends and it was such an amazing way to spend my birthday! I was so excited to show off my new dress from soft surroundings, I think it supposed to be a top but since I’m 5’3 I️ got away with it as a dress. They had it available in blue and green as well but, I thought the burgundy would be more fitting for the season. I paired it with this leopard scarf i’m obsessed with from Nordstrom’s BP. I️’m grossly obsession with leopard print right now, (it’s probably cause I love the zoo) anything and everything leopard print is very up my alley. My ankle boots are from BP as well, they are currently unavailable but, here’s a similar option. These boots are insanely comfortable and go with EVERYTHING. So I️ purchased them in both red and grey and don’t regret it at all. They are the only boots I’ve been wearing. Overall, I️ had a fantastic birthday and am very blessed to have people in my life I️ adore and am so grateful for! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, see you next week! blog 3img_7010.jpgIMG_E6983IMG_6974blog 2

Halloween Fun

Wow I love this holiday. Everything about it. I love it. I wish we had a whole month of Halloween and costumes and candy. I love the atmosphere of it all. I miss trick or treating until my toes bled in my shoes when I was little. I remember my dad would always take my trick or treating and carry my over flow candy that didn’t fit in the one I was holding. Such fond memories. You just can’t hate Halloween. Even handing out candy is fun, I love seeing all the little Elsa’s and Anna’s. These upcoming months are the best. We just had Halloween in October. Thanksgiving in November. (Oh and my birthday November 4th.) Then Christmas and New Years. So much in so little time. I can’t wait for all of it. Unfortunately I didn’t hand out candy since I’m in my apartment but Jacob and I raided the candy section at Safeway and I gave into my guilty pleasure… Jolly Ranchers. Specifically the grapes ones (I know you’re going to say no one likes grape flavor but for some strange reason its my favorite.) We stayed in and binge watched all the Halloween Town Movies. For Halloween weekend though, Jacob and I went as Candyland. What’s more fitting then a candy costume for a candy holiday? I wish I could take credit for the idea but we were inspired by Amanda over at Fashion Frees the Soul. This has been my favorite costume yet!

Costume Details

Crop top: Once the crop top arrived, I used a photo iron on sheet and printed the Candyland logo onto it. After scavenging, ruthlessly through the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby, I found some foam candy stickers and bling and glued them onto the top.

Skirt: For the skirt, I took a generic skater skirt from forever 21 and painted the Candyland “board” onto it and used the same stickers from the skirt. And to top the whole outfit off, I purchased a fabric glitter spray and dosed the whole ensemble in it. I found candy kids bracelets at Walmart to accessorize and the candy wands Jacob and I are holding were an up-cycled find from Goodwill.

Overall, it was an easy and creative costume and I was very happy with the outcome of it. (I’ll also take any excuse I can to see Jacob in a bow tie so SCORE!)

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween. What’s your favorite candy?


State Fairs and Stuffed Bears

Kettle corn: check
Cotton candy: check
The determination to win a stuffed bear: check
Now that is a proper state fair checklist. Earlier this weekend, my sweet boyfriend and I found ourselves at the Arizona State fair. I’ve always loved the environments of carnivals and fairs because I love all the colors and lights. It’s so bright and colorful you can’t not have fun at the state fair. It’s physically impossible. Now, It was only fitting that when we got to the fair, Jacob was on a mission to win me the biggest prize there. And well, I mean he tried. I tried to convince him to stop at target after the fair and just get me a bear there (It’s totally cheating I’m sorry.) he refused and well 40$ later, I was the proud owner of a 2 inch fish stuffed animal named Nemo. Hey it’s the effort okay. I love the stupid thing, it’s a good memory I’ll treasure forever. It was a great time. Even just walking around the fair, seeing all the action is fun. Its a perfect date idea. And was a nice break from all the homework I’ve been swamped with lately. Anyone else a total procrastinator? Because I have a paper I’ve been putting off for-well-ever. Anyways, the dress I’m wearing is from the cutest Australian boutique ever, Showpo! My debit card is in a lot of trouble every time they get new arrivals. My denim jacket is, you guessed it the same one from forever 21 I’ve been obsessed with for awhile now. The purse was a gift from Jacob awhile back, it’s a soft pink with snake skin accents, which I love. I couldn’t find the pink bag but I found it in lilac online on sale. To tie the whole thing together, I paired the bag with my snake skin Miller sandals from Tory Burch! Hope you all are having a great week! Xoxo42770D9B-B1DC-4AF8-8DE6-AD83C717D2C3351FB0FD-01DE-493A-B508-E0CDEFD171B3C2075C5F-D9F8-4A82-8013-737982E98C53