Pumpkin Pie with my Pumpkin

This week was absolutely nuts! I celebrated my one year anniversary with Jacob and the next day we were indulging in an abundance of mashed potatoes and turkey! What’s your favorite thanksgiving food? My guilty pleasure is all the pumpkin pie! I made a beautiful leaf crust for the apple pie and simply yum. Who doesn’t love a holiday designated to food? I wanted to be comfy and warm so I chose my favorite ripped black jeans. Seriously these jeans are amazing, and for Black Friday they are currently half off. 🙈 I love how versatile ripped black jeans are. You can dress them up with ankle booties or down with some Adidas superstars! I paired mine with my favorite BP booties, they are amazingly comfy and wow I love these shoes. They aren’t available anymore so here’s something similar! For the sweater I went with something I bought from Mura Boutique a while ago. There’s something about Australian boutiques that I can’t get enough of! Below is a list of my favorites, do yourself a favor and check them out, you’ll love absolutely everything. I love getting sundresses from them in the summer! And they have the coziest winter sweaters! Mine is no longer available but here’s one i’m currently eyeing! Now that thanksgiving is over, I’m spending all of today in my bed doing a little Black Friday shopping. Hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving and that everyone was spoiled with pie and turkey!



My new Favorite Jeans


Ankle Boots you’ll kick yourself for not buying


Cozy Sweater You need


Some of my Favorite Australian Boutiques you NEED to check out:

Mura Boutique


Showpo (Everything is 20% off for Black Friday, your welcome)



Halloween Fun

Wow I love this holiday. Everything about it. I love it. I wish we had a whole month of Halloween and costumes and candy. I love the atmosphere of it all. I miss trick or treating until my toes bled in my shoes when I was little. I remember my dad would always take my trick or treating and carry my over flow candy that didn’t fit in the one I was holding. Such fond memories. You just can’t hate Halloween. Even handing out candy is fun, I love seeing all the little Elsa’s and Anna’s. These upcoming months are the best. We just had Halloween in October. Thanksgiving in November. (Oh and my birthday November 4th.) Then Christmas and New Years. So much in so little time. I can’t wait for all of it. Unfortunately I didn’t hand out candy since I’m in my apartment but Jacob and I raided the candy section at Safeway and I gave into my guilty pleasure… Jolly Ranchers. Specifically the grapes ones (I know you’re going to say no one likes grape flavor but for some strange reason its my favorite.) We stayed in and binge watched all the Halloween Town Movies. For Halloween weekend though, Jacob and I went as Candyland. What’s more fitting then a candy costume for a candy holiday? I wish I could take credit for the idea but we were inspired by Amanda over at Fashion Frees the Soul. This has been my favorite costume yet!

Costume Details

Crop top: Once the crop top arrived, I used a photo iron on sheet and printed the Candyland logo onto it. After scavenging, ruthlessly through the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby, I found some foam candy stickers and bling and glued them onto the top.

Skirt: For the skirt, I took a generic skater skirt from forever 21 and painted the Candyland “board” onto it and used the same stickers from the skirt. And to top the whole outfit off, I purchased a fabric glitter spray and dosed the whole ensemble in it. I found candy kids bracelets at Walmart to accessorize and the candy wands Jacob and I are holding were an up-cycled find from Goodwill.

Overall, it was an easy and creative costume and I was very happy with the outcome of it. (I’ll also take any excuse I can to see Jacob in a bow tie so SCORE!)

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween. What’s your favorite candy?


Fall Decorating for Cheap

I’m going to be honest, the main reason I got an apartment instead of living in the dorm was purely to decorate for holidays. I love fall. Too much. It’s unhealthy. So, of course, I had to decorate my whole apartment accordingly. I needed to feel warm fuzzies every day. And so I started the process of course with my coffee station, which got a remodel for the season that I’m obsessed with. My morning happy place needed an upgrade. I wanted to switch things up without actually switching things up. You know what I mean? So I found simple, inexpensive (broke college kid remember) ways to spice it up a bit. First, I found the little jelly stickers at the dollar store and stuck them onto the Keurig for a nice fall upgrade because let’s face it, my Keurig needs a Halloween costume. For the pictures on the walls, I got some prints blown up at Walgreens and then added fall leaves to the existing signs on the walls. After raiding the dollar store one more time, I found some garlands and draped them above the kitchen cabinets (also found a garland at Hobby Lobby that is up there as well), and then bought some more fall leaves and scattered them legit everywhere. I bought some towels, mugs and some other fall decorations at Walmart. I grabbed some burlap from my parents house, painted on letters with a stencil and then tied it to a pillow to be, well, even more, extra than I already am. I already had a lot of the pillows in my room since I love a cozy look, so I moved them to the living room. I also scoured Etsy for mug decals, so I didn’t have to fork(s) up (ASU pun, GO DEVILS) 40$ for a designer mug.  And BOOM fall-ified. Really it was that easy. The whole process probably cost me less than 75$ and I wish I could keep it like this year-round. If you thought Bridezillas were bad, believe me Fallzillas are worse. And yes, you guessed it, I do fall into that category. 


My pride. My joy. My child.


The most versatile piece for seasonal decorating.

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (2)IMG_6602FullSizeRender (1)


One last Summer Plaid

Sorry for going MIA, homework is kicking my you know what.

Since school started back up I’ve been very inspired by the 90’s classic, Clueless. There’s not a lot of movies I can watch over and over but that is for sure one of them. It’s also probably one of the most quoted movies of all time right up there next to Mean Girls. So still wringing out the last of my summer days I decided on this pink plaid skirt. I love the flirty and girly aspect of it. Every time I wear it I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Speaking of warm and fuzzy, I paired it with a fuzzy pink cropped sweater top from PacSun which I absolutely adore. Seriously I’ve worn this sweater so many times since I bought it. Plus, right now PacSun has their BOGO sale, so who knows you could even pick up both the pink and white color they have available. Unfortunately, the skirt is currently unavailable but here is a similar inexpensive option. I will be back on track with posting frequently (I have terrible time management.)


Pink Plaid Tennis skirt