Fall Decorating for Cheap

I’m going to be honest, the main reason I got an apartment instead of living in the dorm was purely to decorate for holidays. I love fall. Too much. It’s unhealthy. So, of course, I had to decorate my whole apartment accordingly. I needed to feel warm fuzzies every day. And so I started the process of course with my coffee station, which got a remodel for the season that I’m obsessed with. My morning happy place needed an upgrade. I wanted to switch things up without actually switching things up. You know what I mean? So I found simple, inexpensive (broke college kid remember) ways to spice it up a bit. First, I found the little jelly stickers at the dollar store and stuck them onto the Keurig for a nice fall upgrade because let’s face it, my Keurig needs a Halloween costume. For the pictures on the walls, I got some prints blown up at Walgreens and then added fall leaves to the existing signs on the walls. After raiding the dollar store one more time, I found some garlands and draped them above the kitchen cabinets (also found a garland at Hobby Lobby that is up there as well), and then bought some more fall leaves and scattered them legit everywhere. I bought some towels, mugs and some other fall decorations at Walmart. I grabbed some burlap from my parents house, painted on letters with a stencil and then tied it to a pillow to be, well, even more, extra than I already am. I already had a lot of the pillows in my room since I love a cozy look, so I moved them to the living room. I also scoured Etsy for mug decals, so I didn’t have to fork(s) up (ASU pun, GO DEVILS) 40$ for a designer mug.  And BOOM fall-ified. Really it was that easy. The whole process probably cost me less than 75$ and I wish I could keep it like this year-round. If you thought Bridezillas were bad, believe me Fallzillas are worse. And yes, you guessed it, I do fall into that category. 


My pride. My joy. My child.


The most versatile piece for seasonal decorating.

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (2)IMG_6602FullSizeRender (1)


California and other Shenanigans

California and other Shenanigans

Boy oh boy was this a week. I have been going non stop with midterms and a sinus infection. Seriously don’t recommend studying when you’re sick, guaranteed nothing will get done. Somehow I got through them and was rewarded with a trip to California with my honey. Luckily I felt better by California and Jacob and I had a blast venturing to his favorite spot… SIX FLAGS! Although I’m more of a Disneyland kinda gal, six flags was uber fun and the Halloween fest was fantastic. We went on Sunday and loved every minute of it and although my feet were killing me at the end of the day, we had the best time. Highly recommend the fright fest, it was terrifying all these scaries jump out and follow you around. And also at six flags, I found a new love for Harley Quinn. Because well she’s, excuse my language, a bad ass. So you know immediately when we got home I threw on my jammies and we watched suicide squad. Then on Monday we played around LA and visited the cutest hello kitty cafe at Irvine Spectrum Center. We had to ride the Ferris wheel there, which got me insanely excited to go to the state fair at home (foreshadowing a blog post at its finest🙈.) And we ended the day at a nice dinner with my grandparents down in San Clemente. The sunset was phenomenal, there’s nothing better than dinner on the beach. We had such an amazing time even though the drive home is a killer six hours. Any time with my honey is time well spent. Hope you all had the greatest week! In the meantime, what’s your happy place?


Before we get to pictures, here’s what I’m wearing…

Stripe Top

Plaid Shirt (that’s probably ten years old, I’m sorry) here’s something similar


Denim Jacket

IMG_6173 (18)
Six Flags for Halloween AKA best decorations ever


IMG_6166 (11) - Copy
I’m really too much

IMG_6164 (10)IMG_6152 (2)

Glow in the Dark Groot
“Excuse me, Mr. Scary-man-sir, you kinda look like a blow in the dark Groot from guardians of the galaxy… Can pretty please take a picture?”
Hello Kitty Cafe Lemonade
Must try strawberry mint lemonade in the cutest cup ever
Dinner with my Puddin’ 😉

The Best Cookie Recipes EVER

I know, I know. This title is well over-the-top but for real these cookies are all simply FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

‘Tis the season of gaining 20 pounds from all the baking I’ll be doing. As much as I love fall and winter, it’s quite carb packed but thank you oversized sweaters for coming to the rescue. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe and just cookie recipes in general. I love how lightweight a cookie feels instead of the heavy cupcake aftermath feeling. I have tested probably every chocolate chip recipe on Pinterest (you’re welcome in advance) so you don’t have to! This year, since I have my boyfriend of 10 months as of last Friday (EEEEP we will get to that in another post) I have had to adjust my baking since he doesn’t like milk chocolate and ONLY likes white chocolate. So I’ve compiled all different sorts of cookies, one for every kind of cookie lover! 

White Chocolate Cranberry/Cherry Pistachio cookies 

I found these bad boys to be dangerously yummy. I opted to skip the cherry and just stick to cranberries, white chocolate chips, and pistachios. Everyone loved these cookies, I took them to a barbecue and had none left over! Something about salty and sweet people go nuts over.


I have made these three times in the past week and they just keep disappearing off the plate. These are the yummiest, most perfect cookies, and they look pretty too. It’s a win-win. I added in pretzels and peanut butter chips in this last batch and can I just say, try it. Seriously. But then again I really REALLY like pretzels. 

White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Pudding Cookies

The title itself is a mouth full. But these cookies. You guys, these cookies are amazing. I have to admit, I never would have looked up this kind of recipe if I didn’t listen to Jacob over time ramble about how much he loves white chocolate chips, cinnamon and pudding. So I figured why not look it up and see if someone has done it. I was in luck. And I wasn’t disappointed. Pudding in cookies? Who would have thought? You won’t regret making these. I promise you.

Andes Mint cookies

And here we are, a mint chocolate chip cookie. I personally obsess over mint anything. I wish I could burn candles with the smell of Andes mints. So you already know this was the chart-topper for me. All I have to say is. Phenomenal. These cookies were phenomenal. 

Hopefully, this will make your endless Pinterest searches for the perfect cookies for your holiday parties (or a late night snack) a little easier. And a special thank you to the magnificent cookie recipe creators, the world is a better place with you all in it.

One last Summer Plaid

Sorry for going MIA, homework is kicking my you know what.

Since school started back up I’ve been very inspired by the 90’s classic, Clueless. There’s not a lot of movies I can watch over and over but that is for sure one of them. It’s also probably one of the most quoted movies of all time right up there next to Mean Girls. So still wringing out the last of my summer days I decided on this pink plaid skirt. I love the flirty and girly aspect of it. Every time I wear it I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Speaking of warm and fuzzy, I paired it with a fuzzy pink cropped sweater top from PacSun which I absolutely adore. Seriously I’ve worn this sweater so many times since I bought it. Plus, right now PacSun has their BOGO sale, so who knows you could even pick up both the pink and white color they have available. Unfortunately, the skirt is currently unavailable but here is a similar inexpensive option. I will be back on track with posting frequently (I have terrible time management.)


Pink Plaid Tennis skirt


The Camouflage Trend

This will probably get flagged for nudity since I’m not wearing a skirt… KIDDING! I hope you all got the joke or else this is painfully awkward. Just know I have the humor of a 75 year old man who chuckles at the 10 pm news about politics.  Anyways, lately I’ve been very into camo. I’ve found it can be paired with almost every color. It’s truly the perfect pattern for fall. Pair it with your favorite ankle boots or bomber jacket and you’re good to go. I decided to go with a camo print skirt, rust top and Olive bomber jacket. I like that this skirt can easily go from a day at school to the downtown nightlife scene, it’s very versatile, which makes it a new closet favorite of mine!


Camo Skirt Exact

Similar Camo Skirt


Similar Bomber Jacket: I purchase this last winter on Boohoo.com and it is currently unavailable but here is a similar option!

Rust top: I couldn’t find the one I am wearing because like the jacket, I purchased it quite a while back from forever 21 but, they have a wide variety of crop top colors and I’m sure you will find one to suit your personal style and liking. 

Similar Necklace: This is my exact necklace just with a silver frame as the rose gold is no longer available.

The Most Important Meal of the Day: COFFEE

Latte. Macchiato. Mocha. Cappuccino. Shall I continue? Coffee is essential to me functioning in the morning, so it’s only fitting it be prominently displayed in my apartment. If I’m being honest, I based the whole apartment around my beautiful, aqua heaven producer. A.K.A my Keurig. I figured why not make my mornings a little brighter with a coffee bar. I wish I could take credit for this but, Pinterest inspired my coffee station. Specifically, Cloth and Patina’s hot Cocoa Bar. With a little pastel twist, it was the perfect addition to my apartment. I found all the goodies for it locally and purchased the small chalk board labels on Amazon (seriously these are great). Plus, Jacob loathes all things coffee, but the second he saw the coffee bar he told me he’ll give coffee a try. This coffee stand has given me the confidence to branch out and explore more K-Cups. I’m really enjoying French Vanilla VitaCups currently. Somehow these bad boys contain coffee and vitamins, It’s a win, win. Hallelujah to these creamy, Caffeinated mornings! What’s your favorite K-Cup?FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (4)


Introducing me

Blogging has never felt so right. I am overjoyed to FINALLY find time to sit down and start blogging. I have been meaning to do this for, well, ever. I started my first day at ASU today and thought to myself, today’s the day. (New year, new me, or something along those lines.) (Well actually, new August, new me but shhh, don’t tell). Today was my first day of classes and thankfully I didn’t sign up for any Friday classes so, fri-YAY, am I right or am I right? Somehow, I still found myself taking almost every Buzzfeed quiz I could find between my classes (that Disney Princess one, I love; I’m slightly biased, though, because I adore Disneyland). I went over the summer with my boyfriend, Jacob, and we had the best time. Seriously, it was the best day ever. 10/10. And that new Guardians of the Galaxy ride is adorable. How can you not like Baby Groot? And you already know my Disney diet consisted of, I don’t know, maybe one or two or like six churros. Plus we opted for those cute, little, free buttons Disneyland gives you.  Everyone thought we had just gotten married and between you and me, he and I just went with it. Then, somewhere in California Adventure, I picked up this precious souvenir cup and I can proudly say it was featured in almost every picture I took while I was there. Truly an unforgettable trip with my unforgettable boy. Can’t wait to hopefully go back for Christmas, it would be the best present (Jacob, hint hint). Anyways, thank you for checking out my first of many posts and I hope you’re as excited to embark on this journey with me as I am!IMG_5176FullSizeRenderIMG_5211FullSizeRender (1)disney land happily ever afterIMG_5243FullSizeRender (2)